[Openmcl-devel] CCL thinks buffer exist...

Rainer Joswig joswig at lisp.de
Mon Sep 7 18:11:58 UTC 2009

Am 07.09.2009 um 16:43 schrieb Gail Zacharias:

> I've seen this happen as well, but I haven't been able to figure out  
> how to reproduce it.  I assume the problem happened at some point  
> before the error, where a listener was somehow incompletely created  
> (or perhaps incompletely killed?), and now different parts of the  
> system have different views on whether it exists or not.  Once it  
> happens it will keep happening in that image.  It would probably be  
> possible to patch around the symptom, but it would be nice to figure  
> out what the actual bug is.  Any idea what you did _before_ it first  
> happened?

Well, CCL was running for some time and even survived a few sleep  

But I have the problem that sometimes a Listener seems to be  
unresponsive. I can edit, but it does not seem to execute any code.  
Here I had that problem. I closed the Listener (via the close box) and  
tried to open a new. This works - the new listener accepts and  
executes code. In this case I got the error I reported - which I had  
not seen before. In the same session I later got the problem when  
opening a new editor window.



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