[Openmcl-devel] Contrib: window-parking

Glen Foy lisp at clairvaux.org
Wed Sep 9 01:18:42 UTC 2009

This  is a window management utility that lets you define "parking  
spots" for Hemlock windows.  The idea is to eliminate the need to  
continually move and resize editor windows.  It works in conjunction  
with the file history list.  The two together provide a functionality  
similar to Emacs's multiple buffers.
     Right-Click -->  produces two menu items: "Define Parking Spot"  
and "Delete Parking Spot".

You begin by opening a Hemlock window.  Resize it and move it to  
position.  Select "Define Parking Spot" from the popup menu.  A dialog  
will open letting you associate that size and position with a function  
key.  Choose function key 1 and click Okay.  Move and resize the  
window and associate it with function key 2.  Do this up to 7 times.   
I generally have one large position where I do most of my editing and  
several smaller positions which are used for reference.

When you open a new file, it will be placed in the first available  
parking spot.  You can move it elsewhere by pressing the appropriate  
function key.  If all the parking spots are taken, the oldest file  
will be bumped, but you can reopen it by accessing the file history  
list  --> Alt-Command-Right-Click.  The file history list is similar  
to Emacs's list of open buffers.

The parking spot information is persistent and is stored here:

Window-Parking works with Spaces by providing the same parking spot  
layout on each desktop.

To give it a try:
cd  ccl/contrib/
svn update

That will pull in new versions of all contribs, including Context-Menu- 
CM, List-Definitions-CM and Window-Parking-CM.

In the Listener or in ~/ccl-init.lisp execute these forms:

;;; Use your own path here, if you are using a local copy of the  
(setq gui::*hyperspec-root-url* (gui::pathname-to-url "/Lisp/ 

(require :context-menu-cm)
(require :cl-documentation-cm)
(require :list-definitions-cm)
(require :hemlock-commands-cm)
(require :window-parking-cm)
(cmenu:set-default-tool "List-Definitions-CM")

Note:  Hemlock may get multiple buffers at some point.  If it does,  
this utility will probably be retired, or at least modified.

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