[Openmcl-devel] Contrib: window-parking

Rainer Joswig joswig at lisp.de
Fri Sep 11 08:47:00 UTC 2009

Am 09.09.2009 um 03:18 schrieb Glen Foy:


> To give it a try:
> cd  ccl/contrib/
> svn update
> That will pull in new versions of all contribs, including Context- 
> Menu-CM, List-Definitions-CM and Window-Parking-CM.
> In the Listener or in ~/ccl-init.lisp execute these forms:
> ;;; Use your own path here, if you are using a local copy of the  
> HyperSpec:
> (setq gui::*hyperspec-root-url* (gui::pathname-to-url "/Lisp/ 
> hyperspec-7-0/"))
> (require :context-menu-cm)
> (require :cl-documentation-cm)
> (require :list-definitions-cm)
> (require :hemlock-commands-cm)
> (require :window-parking-cm)
> (cmenu:set-default-tool "List-Definitions-CM")

That's easy enough. Loads fine.

Boy, it is hard to keep up with Glen's contributions. Glen, thanks for  
your stuff. You deserve some feedback. CCL users should check it out.  
There is a lot of potential. With some more help we are getting in  
'MCL mode' with many good IDE enhancements by contributors.

Some general feedback (feel free to ignore them ;-) ) :

* don't put too much in the context menu. But look for the context  
menu in Apple Mail for an example, or Xcode:

* the 'context' menu often implies that the command is invoked on the  
context (the current point, the current selection, the current  
paragraph, the current symbol, the current buffer, ...).

* the cl-documentation and hemlock-commands contributions are really  
really great and very useful, but I would like to see them in the menu  
bar under  the HELP menu or the TOOLS menu. Possibly with a palette  
style window, that floats on top. The palette window even could watch  
the current active buffer/listener and update the CL documentation  
info while you type or move over symbols. The hierarchical information  
is great.

DashCode uses them for example for a snippet library.

It would be great to have your CL documentation hierarchy and some  
code snippets that could be contributed and copied from there. Like   
WITH-OPEN-FILE, snippets for opening a file for reading/writing,  
appending to a file, etc.

* the existing commands (like cut, copy paste, and the stuff from the  
services menu) should still be there. (I wonder why in stock CCL 64  
under Mac OS X 10.6.1 I only get one useful service command 'Make New  
Mail Note'.)

* I would put a configuration command for the context menu in some  
menu in the menubar, not in the menu itself.

* it would be very useful if several command collections could be active

Warmest regards,

Rainer Joswig

Rainer Joswig, Hamburg, Germany
mailto:joswig at lisp.de

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