[Openmcl-devel] Contrib: window-parking

Terje Norderhaug terje at in-progress.com
Fri Sep 11 17:09:39 UTC 2009

On Sep 11, 2009, at 1:47 AM, Rainer Joswig wrote:
> Boy, it is hard to keep up with Glen's contributions. Glen, thanks  
> for your stuff. You deserve some feedback. CCL users should check  
> it out. There is a lot of potential. With some more help we are  
> getting in 'MCL mode' with many good IDE enhancements by contributors.

Those here not coming from MCL should know that Glen has a history of  
being a prolific contributor. His lisp syntax styling extension for  
MCL is amazing, and I have had good use of his source code comparison  
contrib. We should consider ourself fortunate that Glen now applies  
his talents on new CCL contributions. Let's put the products to good  
use. I know Glen would appreciate plenty of feedback.

-- Terje 

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