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Daniel Weinreb dlw at itasoftware.com
Mon Sep 28 17:21:49 UTC 2009

peter wrote:
> At 8:17 AM -0600 09/9/14, Alexander Repenning wrote:
>> [...] Take an already small community, realize few lisp programmers 
>> ever agree on things and before you know it you have more 
>> unsupported  flavors of CCL than Linux distros.
> Significant issue IMHO.
> Heaven preserve us from de-cohesivion, it's a big bane of Lisp.
I'm not sure it would be fair to blame de-cohesivity on
the technology, though.  Even if distributed revision
control makes it technically easier to have forks, I
think the real pressure against forks comes from
policy issues, i.e. understanding the severe drawbacks
of forking.  It's possible that using distributed revision
control would make things worse but without evidence
I'm not really convinced.

-- Dan
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