[Openmcl-devel] Core Animation demo fails under OSX 10.6

Neil Baylis neil.baylis at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 22:07:14 UTC 2010

OK, well I'm pulling my hair over this thing now.

Which leads to my question: Has anyone managed to get anything displayed in
a CALayer with Snow Leopard?

The file is contrib/baylis/ca-demo.lisp, and as has been already noted, it
works under 10.5,but not under 10.6.

I have the following data points:

1. According to Apple, it's now (as of 10.6) possible to assign an NSImage
directly to the content of a CALayer. I tried this, and it made no
difference. This probably eliminates everything associated with
TIFFRepresentation, CGImageSource... etc.

2. I commented out the line that sets the layer content (i.e.
(#/setContents: layer ir) ). Instead, I set the layer background to a solid
color. Still nothing displayed. This indicates the problem is probably
nothing to do with the layer content at all. Rather, it seems as though the
layer is never being rendered.

3. Mouse and keyboard events are being processed correctly.

The missing piece seems to be that for some reason, the CALayer is never

I'm running out of ideas. It's not a very complex bit of code after all.

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