[Openmcl-devel] Core Animation demo fails under OSX 10.6

Neil Baylis neil.baylis at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 22:55:55 UTC 2010

Another data point:

For grins,I decided to try building my CALayer code into some other demo
that works under 10.6. I chose Ron Garret's scribble demo (attached as

I simply inserted the call to #/setWantsLayer at line 84. This causes Ron's
demo to behave similarly to mine, in that the view is no longer rendered.
All you get is a blank window. Comment out that line, and it works as
expected. My demo is structured similarly to Ron's and at the corresponding
point, I have the same call.

I do see that the mouse events are honored, and the drawRect delegate is
called, but nothing appears on the screen.

I have no idea what that means yet.


On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 3:07 PM, Neil Baylis <neil.baylis at gmail.com> wrote:

> OK, well I'm pulling my hair over this thing now.
> Which leads to my question: Has anyone managed to get anything displayed in
> a CALayer with Snow Leopard?
> The file is contrib/baylis/ca-demo.lisp, and as has been already noted, it
> works under 10.5,but not under 10.6.
> I have the following data points:
> 1. According to Apple, it's now (as of 10.6) possible to assign an NSImage
> directly to the content of a CALayer. I tried this, and it made no
> difference. This probably eliminates everything associated with
> TIFFRepresentation, CGImageSource... etc.
> 2. I commented out the line that sets the layer content (i.e.
> (#/setContents: layer ir) ). Instead, I set the layer background to a solid
> color. Still nothing displayed. This indicates the problem is probably
> nothing to do with the layer content at all. Rather, it seems as though the
> layer is never being rendered.
> 3. Mouse and keyboard events are being processed correctly.
> The missing piece seems to be that for some reason, the CALayer is never
> rendered.
> I'm running out of ideas. It's not a very complex bit of code after all.
> Neil

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