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on this page I didn't notice it at first but it says if you don't have the
file you need to create one


was the same problem (plus spelling) mistake I had






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From: Donald Winiecki <dwiniecki at boisestate.edu>

Subject: [Openmcl-devel] Setting up CCL to run under SLIME in Ubuntu


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I am new to Linux and would like to set up CCL to run under SLIME in Emacs

(23.1.1) on my Ubuntu 9.10 setup.


I think due to my unfamiliarity with the ways Linux does things I'm lost on
following the directions posted on the CCL Wiki for doing this (


In particular, I can't find the .emacs file on my installation, and thus
don't know where to put the fragment of code listed on the above web page.

I have installed CCL per directions on the Wiki and can invoke it from the
terminal window.


Other handholding may be necessary.  Even though I have Linux users nearby,
nobody is using CCL for their work and, at any rate, would like to open a
connection with other CCL users.


At present, when I invoke SLIME, it opens with SBCL.  This isn't necessarily
a bad thing, but I have some MCL code from years and years ago that I'd like
to get back to and I figure it would be less troublesome to use CCL due to
its relation to MCL.


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