[Openmcl-devel] Execution 32bit ccl on windows 64bit

Louis Höfler louis.hoefler at gmx.de
Thu Jul 29 13:46:05 UTC 2010

Yes it compiled with a few warnings.

You may have to download the dxsdk additionally.

Just add a new target architecture

(x64 or ia64 etc.) via the configuration manager

and make it the active target.


Greets Louis.


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On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 2:56 PM, Luke Crook <luke at balooga.com> wrote:

Louis Höfler <louis.hoefler <at> gmx.de> writes:

> Well, the future is 64, so I recompiled all needed
> libraries for 64bit and everything works now.

Can you make the 64-bit SDL binaries available to those on the lispbuilder
mailing list?


Does SDL 1.2 even compile to 64-bit on Windows? That would make it pretty
hard to use with 64-bit CCL.

Elliott Slaughter

"Don't worry about what anybody else is going to do. The best way to predict
the future is to invent it." - Alan Kay

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