[Openmcl-devel] Strange pause printing an already-created huge hash table.

Kalman Reti kalman.reti at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 12:41:02 PST 2011

This is in ccl 1.7-r14925M under windows-7 64bit; I created a hash table using

(make-hash-table :test'equalp :size 350000000)

and it printed


and paused for a LONG time, i.e. many tens of seconds, before printing
out the rest.

:TEST EQUALP size 0/350000000 #x210057821D>

(*print-array* and *print-structure* were both NIL, in case that
matters). This hash
table was the value of a variable, and just printing out the variable
again exhibited the
ame behavior.

Is this normal?

I'm trying to decide if the pause is something wrong with CCL or
something wrong with
my system...

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