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Paul Krueger plkrueger at comcast.net
Fri Jan 21 15:31:01 PST 2011

I just checked the target for that NIB and it's set to 10.5, so I suspect that isn't really the problem. Given that you got the tools loaded, you would also have loaded the Dev menu nib, so that probably wasn't a good guess on my part.

Thinking about it, there are a couple of 10.6 specific Objective-C methods that I provide to make things work easier on 10.6 systems, but I provided an alternative set of 10.5 methods for cases where the 10.6 versions aren't called. Although I tested that by removing the 10.6 methods and making sure that everything worked; something might have broken since I first tested it.

Send that Console information if you can; maybe that will give me a hint.


On Jan 21, 2011, at 5:14 PM, Paul Krueger wrote:

> It wasn't my intent to do anything that explicitly required 10.6, but without the ability to test anywhere else I suppose I shouldn't be all that surprised that something didn't work. Most of this worked on my system before I upgraded to 10.6 last summer, but who knows what I did to break things since then.
> Check the console log for any messages there and let me know if you see anything interesting; you usually will when things crash (use the Console application found in /Application/Utilities). The code depends on the NIB for the window and given that yours hung when you tried to open a window it's possible that the format of the NIB changed and the newer version caused a problem on your system (I was actually a victim of that with a NIB generated by somebody else once). 
> If console messages lead us in that direction, then one thing we might try is for me to send the nib in .xib format and let someone using 10.5 see if that will open in InterfaceBuilder (it might not). If it did, they could then save it as a .nib. One caveat here is that whoever does this would need to have also built my lisp-controller IB plugin and installed it. That's pretty much mandatory anyway if you want to use the tools going forward. That process is documented in the "LispController Ref" document (either pdf or rtfd versions). If somebody wants to try that on a 10.5 system, please send me email privately and I'll send the .xib version to try. If that all works I'll check in .xib versions of all my NIB files and recommend that people convert them for earlier OS versions.
> BTW, I'm not ungrateful at all, quite the opposite. I want this to work for as many people as possible.
> Paul
> On Jan 21, 2011, at 4:08 PM, Paul Onions wrote:
>> On 20 Jan 2011, at 15:58, Paul Krueger wrote:
>>> If you are not interested in developing your own stand-alone Macintosh application using CCL, you can ignore the rest of this email.
>> ...
>> Is there a minimal OS version required? I'm on OSX 10.5.8 (PowerPC) and although I can compile and load your contrib using (require :lisp-app-doc), when I select "New Lisp Application" from the File menu I get a beach ball followed a few seconds later by a crash notification.
>> BTW I don't want to seem ungrateful here. I can see you have put an enormous amount of effort into this and your documentation is excellent. I will understand completely if my old system is not supported anymore.
>> Best regards,
>> Paul
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