[Openmcl-devel] #/addSubviews: under MS-Windows

Greg Bennett gwbennet at likelihood.math.uwaterloo.ca
Mon Jul 11 07:38:32 PDT 2011

Good morning from Greg Bennett,

I am trying to find my way around the cocoa material in the MS-Windows
files included in the trunk. I'm running revision 14863 of version 1.7 under
Windows 7 Pro; using the 32-bit environment with its listener.

Specifically I tried to work my way down the code in
but I could persuade subviews to show themselves.

In the notation of that page, I can create and display my-window,

I can create my-button ..  but

(#/addSubview: (#/contentView my-window) my-button)

returns NIL and leaves the my-window's appearance unchanged.

(#/subviews (#/contentView my-window))
does return my-button thusly:
  "<NSButton[0x33dc010] frame: {{10, 10}, {72, 32}}>"
  ) (#x342F458)>

It looks as if I need some sort of re-display method for the
contentView, so on the basis of P238 in Aaron Hillegass' 3rd Edition, I 
(#/setNeedsDisplay: (#/contentView my-window) #$YES)
which returns NIL and no change to my-window

Perhaps there is a spot on Clozure's website in which the oddities of 
MS-Windows and
drawing and CCL are noted. A pointer to such a spot or to a place where 
such items
are discussed would help me along; perhaps any such discussion is in the 
pipermail archives

Thanks for all the effort which has obviously gone into making it even 
possible for
cocoa to run in this environment.

Cheers /Greg Bennett
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