[Openmcl-devel] #/addSubviews: under MS-Windows

Alexander Repenning ralex at cs.colorado.edu
Mon Jul 11 08:38:48 PDT 2011

seems to work fine in XMLisp: http://code.google.com/p/xmlisp/   (CCL + Cocotron)


On Jul 11, 2011, at 8:38 AM, Greg Bennett wrote:

> Good morning from Greg Bennett,
> I am trying to find my way around the cocoa material in the MS-Windows
> files included in the trunk. I'm running revision 14863 of version 1.7 under
> Windows 7 Pro; using the 32-bit environment with its listener.
> Specifically I tried to work my way down the code in
> ccl/examples/cocoa/ui-elements/HOWTO.html
> but I could persuade subviews to show themselves.
> In the notation of that page, I can create and display my-window,
> I can create my-button ..  but
> (#/addSubview: (#/contentView my-window) my-button)
> returns NIL and leaves the my-window's appearance unchanged.
> However
> (#/subviews (#/contentView my-window))
> does return my-button thusly:
>  "<NSButton[0x33dc010] frame: {{10, 10}, {72, 32}}>"
>  ) (#x342F458)>
> It looks as if I need some sort of re-display method for the
> contentView, so on the basis of P238 in Aaron Hillegass' 3rd Edition, I tried
> (#/setNeedsDisplay: (#/contentView my-window) #$YES)
> which returns NIL and no change to my-window
> Perhaps there is a spot on Clozure's website in which the oddities of MS-Windows and
> drawing and CCL are noted. A pointer to such a spot or to a place where such items
> are discussed would help me along; perhaps any such discussion is in the pipermail archives
> Thanks for all the effort which has obviously gone into making it even possible for
> cocoa to run in this environment.
> Cheers /Greg Bennett
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