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Tom Emerson tremerson at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 07:53:21 PST 2011

I'm a bit confused by the question: the whole point of the sandbox is to
minimize the detrimental impact of a rogue third-party application on a
user's computer. Presumably there is an implicit trust between Apple and
its users (i.e., I trust that Apple-authored software is not going to
install a virus or otherwise attempt to steal information) that does not
exist with third parties.

So why would anyone expect them to eat this particular bowl of dogfood?

This isn't to support the draconian sandbox rules they have in place: I
think the currently stated rules are ridiculous.

On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 10:22 AM, Andrew Shalit <ashalit at learningtouch.com>wrote:

> > So what about XCode and Lion - they won't be sold via the appstore
> anymore?
> >
> > [To be more precise: Will Apple play by the same rules they set for
> others?]
> Many people have asked this question and so far there is no answer.

Tom Emerson
tremerson at gmail.com
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