[Openmcl-devel] Right clicking on CCL from the tray on Windows 7

Michael Minerva minerva at agentsheets.com
Tue Oct 25 10:18:17 PDT 2011

Hey everyone,

I have noticed an interesting bug with the Windows version of CCL.  If you start up wx86cl on Windows 7, then right click on the icon in the Windows toolbar, then click on the wx86cl from the popup it spawns another instance of wx86cl.  This is happening even before I have called (require 'cocoa), so I am pretty sure this is a CCL bug (not a Cocotron bug) but I wanted to check and verify that this could not somehow still be Cocotron related.  Am I correct that before you (require 'cocoa) from wx86cl absolutely no Cocotron code has been loaded?  Any ideas what is happening here?  Normally on Windows 7 when you click on the app from the tray it should just bring it to the front.  


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