[Openmcl-devel] CXML-RNG, Plexippus XPath, and Xuriella XSLT

David Lichteblau david at lichteblau.com
Sun May 20 07:35:25 PDT 2012


Quoting Gary Byers (gb at clozure.com):
> You can persuade CCL to treat BAR as a valid type specifier in this
> case by doing:
> (deftype bar () 'foo)
> before trying to use BAR as a type specifer.
> [Of course, the problem you're having may be totally unrelated to the above.]

thanks, I've pushed a fix along these lines to cxml-stp git.  If you
(Stephen) are working with quicklisp, please keep in mind that, while
quicklisp provides a snapshot of cxml-stp from git, it won't update
immediately.  So please clone/pull from the git repo directly in this

> On Sun, 20 May 2012, Steven N?ez wrote:
> >Any other suggestions for XPath with CCL?

There is cl-libxml2, but (as its name suggests) it merely wraps a C
library.  (In return it's faster.)

If Plexippus doesn't work out of the box on CCL, it's because it doesn't
yet do non-trapping IEEE arithmetic on CCL, which means that the test
suite can't possibly pass, which in turn means that I consider CCL
unsupported.  I'll need it on CCL myself relatively soon, so you might
want to stay tuned -- but I'd also take patches :-).


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