[Openmcl-devel] Clozure on FreeBSD/PPC 64 bit?

Bruce O'Neel ecl at pckswarms.ch
Tue Sep 11 23:10:07 PDT 2012


I'd make the wild guess that getting sbcl running on FreeBSD/PPC
won't be too hard.  It runs on the x86 version, and, on NetBSD and 
OpenBSD both on PPC. 

Someone, who's name I sadly forgot, ported SBCL to OpenBSD/PPC at the
same time I did, but, his patches were way way cleaner.  My memory of
my port was that I did the absolute simpliest thing possible to allow
for PPC as a choice for OpenBSD, and, keep running a cross compile/fix
cycle until it built.  Once it built I'm fairly sure it ran pretty 
much correctly.

I've never seriously looked at porting CCL, so I don't have a comment
on that.

Good luck, it's nice to see intrest in PPC.  

If FreeBSD now works well on PPC I might be convinced to install it
and try a port.


On Sat, Sep 08, 2012 at 02:46:20PM +0000, Steven Núñez wrote:
H> Greetings Gentlemen,
> I'm looking to put to good use of some dual core Power Mac G5s by installing (hopefully) FreeBSD and turning them into LISP workstations. The trouble is that this platform is new for FreeBSD, and  a quick search of supported platforms for SBCL ('this platform doesn't exist') and CCL (not listed as supported) makes me think (hope) that this is possible but perhaps something that no one has done yet.
> Does anyone know of it's possible to run CCL (or SBCL, or another LISP) on FreeBSD/PPC ?
> Cheers,
> - Steve

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