[Openmcl-devel] counting cpu cycles?

Jeff Caldwell jeffrey.d.caldwell at gmail.com
Sat Dec 21 05:24:01 PST 2013

I think the keyword you are looking for is "affinity". The call will be
different on different OSs. Here is an example stackoverflow thread.



On Saturday, December 21, 2013, Florian Dietz wrote:

>  The function ccl::rdtsc can be used for counting cpu cycles, but it
> returns results depending on the current cpu the program is running on,
> which can be a problem for multithreaded applications.
> Is there a way to get consistent values from the same cpu, so that one can
> measure how many cpu cycles a given function took to execute?
> Alternatively, if this is not possible, would it be possible (and
> sensible) to restrict a process to only a single cpu, to avoid this problem?
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