[Openmcl-devel] Arm information

R. Matthew Emerson rme at clozure.com
Mon Dec 15 22:03:33 UTC 2014

> On Dec 15, 2014, at 4:45 PM, Waldek Hebisch <hebisch at math.uni.wroc.pl> wrote:
> ccl.clozure.com/ccl-documentation.html says:
> :  Clozure CL expects Linux to run in
> :  little-endian mode and expects software to follow "soft float" calling
> :  conventions.
> While trac.clozure.com/ccl/wiki/ReleaseNotes/1.10 says:
> :  The ARM port now expects to use the hard-float ABI, and the lisp kernel
> :  will complain that support for the soft-float ABI is deprecated.
> It seems that ccl-documentation.html should be updated... 

http://ccl.clozure.com/ccl-documentation.html is out-of-date. 

I left it around so that old links wouldn't break.  There is a little banner at the top of ccl-documentation.html that says it is obsolete, and provides a link to the current manual.  Perhaps I need to do something more obnoxious (short of removing the file entirely) to make it clear that it is not the current manual.

Or maybe ccl-documentation.html should be the current manual.

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