[Openmcl-devel] Nibs not being loaded with build-application

R. Matthew Emerson rme at clozure.com
Wed Mar 5 12:49:18 PST 2014

On Mar 5, 2014, at 2:36 PM, Michael Minerva <minerva at agentsheets.com> wrote:

> I have been having trouble loading nibs (when executing build-applicaiton) with the newest version of the trunk (1.10-dev-r16040M-trunk). Just now, I tried to make the CurrentConverter example (bundled with CCL) and when I run the following command on the newest dev version, none of the nibs are loaded, I.E. it shows the CCL menu instead of the CurrencyConverter menu and the CurrencyConversion window does not load.
> (ccl::build-application :name "CurrencyConverter"
>                          :main-nib-name "CurrencyConverter"
> 			  :directory "/Users/Mike/Desktop/"
>                          :nibfiles '(#P"/Users/Mike/ccl-dev-march-3-2014/examples/cocoa/currency-converter/CurrencyConverter.nib"))
> I tried the same experiment on CCL1.9 release and the CurrencyConverter is created with all the correct nibs being loaded. Can anyone else confirm this issue? I am running OSX 10.8.4.

As I'm sure many people know, Interface Builder has been integrated into Xcode, and is no longer a stand-alone application.  In some ways, I suppose this is more convenient for the Objective-C programmer, because now IB can look at your Objective-C source files and figure out what class names, actions, and outlets are available.

Unfortunately for users of other programming languages, Objective-C source files appear to be the only way to tell IB about what class names, actions, and outlets are available.  I'm sure I've whined about this before: the upshot is that it's all but impossible for us to use IB now.

Thus, I've been slowly working on converting the IDE not to use nib files at all.  The Info.plist file no longer contains an NSMainNibFile key (and the IDE code never looks for it to load it in any case), so that's what is causing the example to break.

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