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Taoufik Dachraoui dachraoui.taoufik at gmail.com
Sun May 24 10:49:34 PDT 2015


In the pattern matcher I wrote I tried to add a setter for the defined
variables in the pattern; after a lot of work I've got the following
implementation (close to it):

(let ((acc-x) (prev-x) (x 5))

  (flet (((setf foox) (value x) (funcall x value)))

    (macrolet ((it (x)

                 (let ((xacc (intern (format nil "ACC-~A" (symbol-name x))))

                       (xprev (intern (format nil "PREV-~A" (symbol-name

                   `(foox (cond

                           ((null ,xacc) (lambda (v) (setf ,x v)))

                           ((eq ,xacc 'car) (lambda (v) (setf (car ,xprev)

                           (t (lambda (v) (setf (cdr ,xprev) v))))))))

      (setf (it x) 3) x)))

PS: I cannot use (setf x y) instead of (setf (it x) y) because the
variables x, y are defined within the match macro: (let ((x) (y)) ...)

I spent a lot of time figuring out this solution, but I am wondering if
there is a better implementation.

Example of usage:

*? (let ((a '(1 (2 3)))) (match a ((1 (?x ?y)) (setf (it x) y) a)))*

(1 (3 3))

Kind regards

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