[Openmcl-devel] How about Git?

Dave Cooper david.cooper at genworks.com
Mon Nov 30 07:11:43 PST 2015

> My problem with GitHub is slightly different than yours. It very probably
> *will not exist* in ten years time in any recognisable way: that's fine for
> the git repos which will have other authoritative clones, but it's *not*
> fine for the metadata: all the issue tracking / wiki / blah stuff will just
> evaporate, because none of that lives in the repo (actually the wiki stuff
> can I think).  Issue-tracking, for instance, actually matters, and I don'r
> want to lose all that history.

Along these lines, I would like to point out that the Common Lisp
Foundation (thanks these days to the efforts of Erik Huelsemann and
Efficito) have migrated most legacy common-lisp.net repositories to
gitlab.common-lisp.net, which is actively and meticulously maintained by
Erik Huelsemann and Efficito these days as a service to the CL community.
The past twelve months have seen several major repositories migrate from
github _back_ to gitlab.common-lisp.net (including the Gendl project).

As an incorporated governing body with a parliamentary process and Articles
of Incorporation dictating that it be influenced only by unbiased and
long-term interest of the health of the CL ecosystem and community, the CLF
have committed to keep this resource alive for the long term, with its
metadata, etc. protected and accessible. CLF and the current
gitlab.common-lisp.net have been designed specifically to avoid the kind of
pitfalls which befell Sourceforge and which will almost certainly befall
github and some point down the road.

RME made a point early in this thread that there are clear benefits to
hosting important resources by one's self. Indeed, with gargantuan "free"
services like github, the users can be virtually guaranteed that "they are
the product" and, sooner or later, they will be sold down the river in some
form or another. Supporting a genuine community resource like the CLF and
gitlab.common-lisp.net can provide for a happy medium between being in
control of one's own destiny, while benefiting from some amount of economy
of scale and community infrastructure.

Just saying.

My Best,

Dave Cooper
genworks.com, gendl.org
+1 248-330-2979
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