[Openmcl-devel] Error in error-message for ccl::make-tcp-socket for busy ports

Dave Cooper david.cooper at genworks.com
Mon Oct 19 19:15:41 PDT 2015

Which version of CCL are you using?

Version 1.11-RC1-r16536  (DarwinX8664)

Indeed, I see that it's fixed in 1.10 and possibly a regression in 1.11.

(And why did you cc genworks support?  Genworks has nothing to do with CCL.)

Genworks has to do with me. I copy all technical correspondence to our
support email, so somebody in the company can see that I'm "working." If
that's distracting, I suppose I could bcc (but I don't like bcc as a
general principle).

My Best,

Dave Cooper
genworks.com, gendl.org
+1 248-330-2979
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