[Openmcl-devel] just when you thought it was safe to go back in the CCL trunk

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Sun Sep 13 12:01:52 PDT 2015

Most of the changes affect x8664, and I've been able to build and check 
in x8664 binaries for x8664 Linux,
Darwin, FreeBSD. and Win64.  I need to do some more smoke-testing on 
those platforms and document
the changes, but that's relatively straightforward and should not take 
much longer.

It is relatively straightforward to use the 64-bit CCL to cross-compile 
32-bit X86 versions on Linux, Darwin,
and FreeBSD.  I've done this, and 32-bit X86 binaries for these 
platforms are in the trunk and seem basically
stable but need more smoke-testing.

Win32 and ARM are a different story.  It may take a while (days, not 
weeks or months) to get these versions
running in the trunk, and some of that time (in the Win32 case) may 
involve setting up a less primitive development
environment than I have now.  I plan to do that soon, but it is also 
important to test and document the x8664 changes.
I will try to do that next, and get back to the Win32 and ARM ports later.

So: the X8664 versions should be ready soon, non-Windows X8632 versions 
a little later, ARM and Win32 later still.


On 09/11/2015 01:26 PM, Gary Byers wrote:
> I'll be making some fairly extensive changes in the CCL trunk over the 
> next few days.
> These changes will likely be hard to bootstrap, so I'll be checking in 
> new binaries, release notes,
> etc.  Image versions and FASL versions will change.
> I will send a message to this list when things are nominally stable.
> In the meantime, please avoid using the CCL trunk.
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