[Openmcl-devel] I made simple swank helper.

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Fri May 13 10:02:38 PDT 2016

I don't use SLIME at all, largely because of the :COMMUNICATION-STYLE 
:SPAWN issues
that Park Sungmin's patch tries to address and avoid.  I have always 
assumed that people
who do use SLIME with CCL either don't notice those issues or don't care 
about them as much
as I do, and that people who use SLIME with other implementations don't 
experience the same
issues because of (possibly very subtle) implementation-dependent 
details related to how
threads and dynamic/special variable bindings interact with each other.  
People do run into
those issues fairly often, and my explanations of those issues seem to 
fall on deaf (or at
least very bored) ears.

I'd be glad to get swank-helper into the CCL distribution, and will try 
to do that as soon
as I can.  Sometimes, things can get lost in the shuffle for very 
mundane reasons.  I almost
missed this message thread because of problems with the spam filtering 
service that I use,
and when I say "as soon as I can", I naturally mean "as soon as all of 
those lonely attractive women
who want to meet me" stop sending me as much email as they have been 
sending me lately.

On 05/13/2016 03:43 AM, Max Rottenkolber wrote:
> On Thu, 12 May 2016 23:50:25 +0300, Dmitry Igrishin wrote:
>> 2016-05-12 20:01 GMT+03:00 Gary Byers <gb at clozure.com>:
>>> FWIW, I vote YES.
>>> I don't claim to have though much (or at all) about what this means in
>>> practice, but I think that anything that would allow people to use SLIME in
>>> CCL without the problems related to spawning a new thread every tine they
>>> use (e.g.) C-M-X in Emacs is likely a very good thing
>> BTW. I'm unhappy how the maintainers of SLIME merging pull requests. My pull
>> request related to CCL https://github.com/slime/slime/pull/285 opened 5
>> months ago still unmerged.
> I would assume that they simply forgot about it. Try pinging @luismbo in the PR
> thread, and ask for what is preventing it from being merged? It is very easy to
> loose track of GitHub issues... :-)
>> Does it mean that CCL is not first class implementation for SLIME
>> maintainers, and how to deal with it?
> If that really was the case—which I doubt—the proper way to deal with it would
> be to become a SLIME maintainer yourself and “adopt” CCL support.
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