[Openmcl-devel] psetf issue on Linux|Windows X8632

gzip4 gzip4ever at gmail.com
Wed Apr 12 02:20:14 PDT 2017

Hello, All!

To reproduce the issue:

"Version 1.11-r16635  (WindowsX8632)"

(ql:quickload '3d-vectors)

(let ((vec (3d-vectors::vec 5 0 0)))
  (psetf (3d-vectors::%vx3 vec) 5.0
         (3d-vectors::%vy3 vec) 5.0))

Signal error:
The value 5.0 is not of the expected type STRUCTURE.
[Condition of type TYPE-ERROR]

The problem seems to be related to psetf. If you remove one of the set
pairs, it works fine. If you use setf, it also works fine.

64 bit versions do not have such an issue, LinuxARM32 also passes.

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