[Openmcl-devel] Franz CLIM on Clozure CL

Craig Lanning craig.t.lanning at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 19:35:27 PST 2017

I have pushed my current code to GitHub:


I replaced the Foreign Function based CLX code with a Lisp based
version of CLX.  I also didn't try to port the other backends.

Primarily, I tried to avoid any code that was Allegro specific.

I just wanted the main CLIM code and the CLX based backend as a start.

Eventully, it would be best to have Clozure CL specific backends for
each supported platform: Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.

The CLX backend works on Linux and probably Mac.  With a little work
maybe even on Windows.  It's just that the CLX backend is a bit plain.
A platform specific backend would make the CLIM apps look more like
other apps on the platform.

You should be able to compile and load the code using the clim2.asd
file in the root directory ("clim-ccl").

I got things compiled enough to start the demos.  Not all of the demos
will run, though.  I'm still poking at it, but thought that others
might be interested in taking a look at it.

Unfortunately, building those additional backends is a bit of a black
art since the CLIM spec doesn't really help much.  The code for the CLX
port is available to view and I left the other Allegro backends in the
code.  They might also provide clues about how to build additional

The "site/" directory, its contents, *.system and *.translations, and
the system.lisp files in the other directories are used by a new system
definition mechanism that I am building and can be ignored without any


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