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Chris Hanson cmhanson at eschatologist.net
Sun Feb 12 20:45:19 PST 2017

> On Feb 12, 2017, at 8:25 PM, R. Matthew Emerson <rme at acm.org> wrote:
>> The full set of changes I needed to successfully build on the latest macOS with the latest Xcode were:
>> - Remove the entire SDKROOT=/ line
>> - Remove the use of -isysroot $(SDKROOT) from commands
>> - Change OSEARLYLIBS from -lcrt1.o to -lcrt0.o
> pel:darwinx8632 rme$ make
> ld  -macosx_version_min 10.6 -arch i386 -dynamic  -o ../../dx86cl -e start -pagezero_size 0x11000 -seg1addr 0x00011000 -sectalign __TEXT __text 0x1000 x86-spjump32.o x86-spentry32.o x86-subprims32.o imports.o pmcl-kernel.o gc-common.o bits.o thread_manager.o lisp-debug.o image.o memory.o x86-gc.o x86-utils.o x86-exceptions.o unix-calls.o mach-o-image.o x86-asmutils32.o mach_exc_server.o lispdcmd.o plprint.o plsym.o x86_print.o xlbt.o   -lcrt0.o  -lSystem
> ld: library not found for -lcrt0.o
> make: *** [../../dx86cl] Error 1
> Did I do something wrong?  This is on a system with no command-line tools installed.  I would really like to avoid making users install the command-line tools when Xcode is already installed.  If I can, I want to keep CCL running on 10.6, but at some point that’s not going to be feasible.

What OS and Xcode version are you seeing this with?

Getting it to be buildable and run well with both old tools on an old system as well as modern tools could be difficult, you may wind up needing to conditionalize the build system on what you're using to do the build.

 -- Chris

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