[Openmcl-devel] prompt-for-file (embarrassing question)

Dimitri Simos dim at lissys.demon.co.uk
Thu Mar 30 10:41:01 PDT 2017

Thanks Rainer,

I very much appreciate your thoughts, and your taking the time to read 
all of my disgraceful rant.

I guess I was just blowing off a decade's steam. For me personally, and 
for Piano, there is in fact no real issue at all. The software is stable 
and all development that needs to be done in future can be handled in LW 
with the assistance of this wonderful Lisp community's extraordinary 

My broader concern is for the next generation. After all this time, they 
really deserved to be able to get their hands on something at least as 
magical as the diskette that landed on my lap in the late '80s and 
changed my life. Then again, this generation will also fail to see a 
moon landing as I did, or to see a Europe united as I did, or to aspire 
to US values, or to enjoy reading dusty books under bedcovers instead of 
existing in a Whatsappiverse. We're really not being awfully nice to our 
kids. There, that felt good. I'll now shut up, crawl into a dark corner 
and be quietly old and fester.

Thanks again,

On 30/03/2017 17:12, Rainer Joswig wrote:
> Worth some comments.

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