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mikel evins mevins at me.com
Thu Mar 30 10:18:57 PDT 2017

> On Mar 30, 2017, at 11:12 AM, Rainer Joswig <joswig at lisp.de> wrote:
>> To all of you, to all my Lisper friends: I genuinely admire and respect you, I idolise and adore you. You are the bee’s knees, and so is Lisp. Now, for ----’s sake, stop being bloody programmers and think of what a scientist or engineer or anyone who CAN understand the basic logical concepts of Lisp might need, to GET STARTED. Maybe start the guide with examples. It may work wonders.
> food for thought.

Making a modern version of MCL would be a lot of work. Today's systems are more complex, more demanding, and more restrictive than the environment MCL ran in. I'd like to have something more like it, myself, but I don't know who is rich enough, knowledgeable enough, and motivated enough to do that work.

It might be possible either to build a beginner's Lisp on Lispworks and CAPI that offers a much simplified and more accessible programming environment for beginners, hobbyists, and other users with less need for the full Lispworks IDE experience.

Or it might be possible to build such a thing on something like commonQT and qtlibs. From time to time I've considered making a new version of Alpaca for that purpose. 

(Alpaca was a WYSIWIG word processor I wrote circa 2000 to support my writing work. It was written in CCL and had a Cocoa interface and Emacs-style programmability. It's possible I could do something similar on common  qt with a different focus--more oriented toward easy ways of getting UI elements on the screen. I'm slower than I used to be, though.)

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