[Openmcl-devel] GNUStep Anyone?

Steven Nunez snunez at mapr.com
Fri Mar 31 01:25:45 PDT 2017

With all this talk of GUI, I thought to ask: Does the Cocoa bridge work with GNUStep? If so at least we'd have one more platform to target. GNUStep is actually quite usable, even though the application developer community is quite small.

+ 1 to CLIM. The John Novak article was quite interesting. Makes me wonder if an OpenGL backend for CLIM + widget library isn't the right way to go. Everyone has an opinion, so I'll throw mine in based on my experience, which is mostly with what you could call 'power users' with specialised applications: they do not care about native look & feel, they just want it to work properly and look good. A D3.js backend to CLIM would be an interesting experiment. People seem to be more forgiving of web based GUI. I seem to recall SRI had a CLIM/HTML GUI for one of their apps at one point in time, but a quick search hasn't turned it up.

- Steve
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