[Openmcl-devel] merging a small patch

Michał "phoe" Herda phoe at disroot.org
Mon Dec 23 10:13:14 PST 2019

Wait a few more days for rme to come back to Lisp life - he's currently overwhelmed with $DAYJOB and AFAIK should have some breathing room in the holiday period. Once that sets in, he should be able to merge it upstream.


Dnia 23 grudnia 2019 19:11:06 CET, Nicolas Martyanoff <khaelin at gmail.com> napisał(a):
>I open a Github issue[1] 6 months ago hoping to find a way to export
>CCL::%GET-ERRNO. Two weeks ago phoe was nice enough to write the patch,
>I'm trying to get it reviewed and merged, but haven't receive any
>answer for
>two weeks.
>Is someone available for this tiny patch ?
>Bonus question, in the future, what is the best way to get this kind of
>contrib merged ?
>Thank you in advance :)
>[1] https://github.com/Clozure/ccl/issues/215
>Nicolas Martyanoff
>khaelin at gmail.com
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