[Openmcl-devel] Command-line CCL for Catalina

Bruce O'Neel bruce.oneel at pckswarms.ch
Mon Apr 13 10:28:41 PDT 2020

The 1.12 snapshot seems to work just fine.  
curl -L -O [https://github.com/Clozure/ccl/releases/download/v1.12-dev.5/darwinx86.tar.gz](https://github.com/Clozure/ccl/releases/download/v1.12-dev.5/darwinx86.tar.gz)  

Or install the newest command line tools for Xcode 11.4, or Xcode 11.4, and then build your own copy.  

> Hi,  
>  I’m sorry if this question has already been asked. I have recently switched to macOS Catalina, and the existing installation of CCL 1.11.5 doesn’t work anymore. It doesn’t seem there is a newer version available. (The App Store version works, but I need a version that I can use in Terminal.)  
>  What do I have to do?  
>  Thanks a lot,  
>  Pascal  
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>  Pascal Costanza  
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