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I had a number of great interactions with each of them over the years, 
starting back in the early 90s when I was a student and didn't know what 
I was asking for or who I was talking to. I was never penalized or 
dismissed for that, and they always seemed thoughtful and kind.  Many 
thanks to all of them for that, and thank you for this memory.




Jeremy Jones wrote on 2/20/20 9:01 AM:
> One of the reasons MCL continued to be so good was the quality of its 
> developers. After Apple acquired Coral it hired Alice Hartley and Bill 
> St. Clair to join Gary Byers on the MCL team. The three of them did 
> fantastic work adding CLOS and all the other ANSI CL features as well 
> as porting it to the PowerPC. All three continued to work on MCL when 
> it was spun off to Digitool in 1994. Unfortunately, it wasn't a 
> commercial success, and Digitool couldn't pay them, and MCL 
> died.Thanks to Gary it was resurrected as openmcl. He negotiated the 
> open source rights in return for dropping his claim to significant 
> back salary.
> Gary, Alice, and Bill are some of the finest hackers I've ever known, 
> as well as being fantastic, humble, kind, human beings. Gary, Bill, 
> and I (as well as Gail and Andrew and many others) continued to work 
> together at Clozure for many years. When I look back at the the 36 
> years since Coral was founded, I'm most grateful for the amazing 
> people that I've known and worked with.
> On Thu, Feb 20, 2020, 7:32 AM Toomas Altosaar 
> <toomas.altosaar at fi.abb.com <mailto:toomas.altosaar at fi.abb.com>> wrote:
>     While on the subject of lost souls, it only came to my attention a
>     few weeks ago that Alice Hartley passed away in 2017. I don’t
>     recall that being mentioned on the list, so I am including a link
>     to her work:
>     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_K._Hartley
>     Alice worked with MCL users, taking requests and unselfishly
>     working away to provide solutions. She was of tremendous help to
>     my efforts in speech technology, process automation and quality
>     control systems.
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