[Openmcl-devel] openGL

nik gaffney nik at f0.am
Wed Dec 18 06:30:33 PST 2002

> Alex Repenning's "OpenGL for MCL"
> (<http://agentsheets.com/lisp/OpenGL.html>) might be a very good place to
> start (it's designed for commercial MCL under OSX.)

from this it looks like the file "mcl-interface.lisp" would be the only one 
needing to be modified once the low level gl interface is in place (courtesy 
of the OpenMCL's interface translator)

the two macros foreign-function and foreign-define, would then need to be 
modified to fit with the openMCL ffi.  im not really sure what to tweak, but 
im looking into the details.. .  

> The parts that deal with Carbon (and with MCL's interface to it) might need
> to be replaced (presumably with Cocoa equivalents and hopefully not too
> much FFI tweaking); ideally, large amounts of the actual interface to
> OpenGL could be shared.

from Hamilton's previous mail, the cocoa interface involves using 
NSOpenGLView, spending some time with project and interface builders and the 
cocoa manuals (some opengl refs probably wouldnt hurt either!) .. .. 

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