[Openmcl-devel] How to set openmcl's exit status?

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Fri Sep 27 19:44:07 PDT 2002

On Fri, 27 Sep 2002, Kevin Rosenberg wrote:

> Gary Byers wrote:
> > The canonical way of exiting from OpenMCL is via CCL:QUIT; it's
> > [...]
> > (The patch is in CVS, as of a few minutes ago.)
> Great background & innard information, Gary, and then a blazing fast
> patch. Wow, thanks!
> I'm fairly new to OpenMCL and have read some through the mail list
> archives. Your newest patch in CVS brings up another question: is it
> "reasonable" to periodically just "cvs update" with an untagged
> (HEAD?)  OpenMCL CVS tree and build the latest, bleeding-edge OpenMCL
> version?
> I see that at some point, this was a "bad" idea leading to a mixture
> of incompatible code. But, I recall earlier this month that you wrote
> about changing that.

I'd been pretty careless about doing development work on the head of
the main branch.  Depending on the nature of that development work,
the result of doing a "cvs update" might or might not have been
usable with the latest release binaries.

Having finally realized that that was a bad idea, I switched to doing
development on a separate branch (currently tagged as "Pre_0_14"); the
head of the main branch should ideally always be compatible with the
latest binary release.  (There'll be some periods of inconsistency
while the development branch is merged back into the main branch; I'll
try to give advance notice and/or block CVS access for a few minutes/
hours/days while things are inconsistent.)

> Thanks again for your perfectly helpful and speedy resolution of my
> exit status need!

As it turns out, this seems like a good time to take a snapshot and
produce Debian (and Fink, and ...) packages; the next few OpenMCL releases
are likely to be somewhat volatile (as native threads and other things
are phased in), and treating 0.13+bug-fixes-as-of-about-now as a
stable baseline (until the bleeding edge stops bleeding so much) seems
like a good thing.

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