[Openmcl-devel] [Newbie] Cocoa Listener Up, But No Cocoa Inspector

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Tue May 20 15:41:16 PDT 2003

On Tue, 20 May 2003, Dave Newman wrote:

> I restarted mcl from a command line and evaluated (require
> "COCOA-INSPECTOR"). This brought up the Cocoa listener and no errors
> or warnings were reported in either the Cocoa listener, or in the
> terminal based mcl listener.
> Evaluating (cinspect 1) results in:
> >Error in process Listener(3): Undefined function CINSPECT called
> >with arguments (1) .
> >  While executing: "Unknown"
> >  Type :GO to continue, :POP to abort.
> >  If continued: Retry applying CINSPECT to (1).
> Type :? for other options.

I believe that CINSPECT is in the CCL package (and not exported).

? (ccl::cinspect 1)

should bring up a browser window that tells you more than you ever
wanted to know about 1.

> I don't know what I'm doing wrong at this point. Any help would be appreciated.

When the COCOA-INSPECTOR example was written (several months ago), the
default package was (incorrectly but conveniently, at least for me ...)
"CCL" instead of "COMMON-LISP-USER".

The file "ccl:examples;README-OPENMCL-EXAMPLES" actually does suggest
invoking the inspector via 'ccl::cinspect; some other documentation
written around that time may be sloppier about that sort of thing.

If you're just learning CL, the package system may take a bit of
getting used to.  ("packages" are CL's way of carving up the namespace,
so that CCL::FOO and CL-USER::FOO are completely different symbols
that generally have nothing in common.)

I can think of at least one case where someone read all of the
available reference and tutorial material on the CL package system
and still found it unintuitive and confusing.  I don't think that
my experience was unique, but (fortunately) there seems to be more
good tutorial material available than there once was.  (Learning
the CL package system while walking 5 miles to school - uphill in
both directions - was much harder, but that's another story.)

The Association of Lisp Users (<http://www.alu.org>) maintains a list
of online tutorials and other resources; since the CL package system
is something that everyone learning CL has to learn about at some
point, I'd hope that these tutorials present it in an intelligible

> Regards,
> --Dave Newman
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