[Openmcl-devel] [Newbie] Cocoa Listener Up, But No Cocoa Inspector

Dave Newman tinman at pobox.com
Wed May 21 11:47:26 PDT 2003

>I believe that CINSPECT is in the CCL package (and not exported).
>? (ccl::cinspect 1)
>should bring up a browser window that tells you more than you ever
>wanted to know about 1.

Once I tried this (BTW - thanks to you and Hamiltion Link) it worked, 
and I do indeed know more about 1 than I ever thought possible.  :)

>The file "ccl:examples;README-OPENMCL-EXAMPLES" actually does suggest
>invoking the inspector via 'ccl::cinspect; some other documentation
>written around that time may be sloppier about that sort of thing.

My knowledge of packages was just dangerous enough to have seen 
"ccl::cinspect" and misread it as "ccl:cinspect". That of course 
didn't work. Other places did indeed omit the reference to the ccl 
package altogether. I think those places were comments in example 

>The Association of Lisp Users (<http://www.alu.org>) maintains a list
>of online tutorials and other resources; since the CL package system
>is something that everyone learning CL has to learn about at some
>point, I'd hope that these tutorials present it in an intelligible

I've been using <http://www.lisp.org> which seems to land one in the same site.

The book "Lisp", 3rd Edition by Winston & Horn is my primary learning 
vehicle right now. Augmented by side trips into "On Lisp" by Graham.


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