[Openmcl-devel] openmcl 1.0 vs. GUI

Hamilton Link hamlink at comcast.net
Sun Aug 28 17:32:44 UTC 2005

>> What's on the roadmap for a 1.0 of OpenMCL (that hasn't been
>> mentioned in the GUI topic Hamilton posted recently)?
> For 1.0 ?  Pretty much what's in bleeding-edge CVS now, + last minute
> fixes for killer bugs (and the usual ill-advised last-minute changes
> ...)  That's mostly a lot of bug fixes, reimplemented EGC, the 64-bit
> version, interface database changes, better Tiger compatibility,
> better compatibility with Linux distributions that use TLS/NPTL, and
> other stuff that I'm forgetting.  (I have to go through ~5 months of
> ChangeLog entries.)

... and to the best of my knowledge the GUI stuff isn't bound to 1.0

But then, openmcl is the lisp environment, and the cocoa FFI and GUI 
stuff is loaded after the fact.  So the GUI should really have its own 
roadmap and version number, except that it hardly matters.

I am pretty busy with other things as I'm guessing is Alex.  What'd be 
good is if we had a GUI champion who didn't yet have several jobs who 
was really willing to spend time debugging, implementing, and 
integrating the top 5 things as a healthy loadable module for openmcl 
and OS X.  Er, 5 of the top 6 anyway since a stepper's not currently 
supported, unless someone wants to have a significant implementation 
project on their hands that will have to be redone a bit when the 
compiler changes.  Anyway at the moment I'm thinking the GUI means the 
editor, backtrace, listener, bundle builder and inspector.

Maybe I should open a bounty on specific things that give me problems 
with the GUI...

And everyone is aware that the GUI *does* sort of exist right, in a 
not-entirely-integrated, occasionally-throws-errors kind of way?  
There's a listener, editor, half-baked inspector, a kind-of-working 
backtrace, and if you want to go get it there's Bosco for making 
bundles.  So "the GUI" is there and people should really at least try 
to use it, report problems, and fix or find reproducible cases of bugs.

To that end, Alex, do you have a version of the GUI in which the 
editor, backtrace, listener, and inspector all approximately load and 
can be invoked?  Or is the version that comes in the distro preferred?


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