[Openmcl-devel] Cocoa Interface Tutorial Contrib

Paul Krueger plkrueger at comcast.net
Thu Jan 14 15:32:17 PST 2010

I just committed a new contribution to the repository (.../ccl/contrib/ 

I've been going down a path of learning how to create Cocoa interfaces  
using Apple's Interface Builder (on Macs of course) and interfacing  
them to lisp. As I learned, I kept fairly detailed notes about what I  
learned and have incorporated that into a tutorial. I wanted to do  
something similar to what Aaron Hillegass did with his book "Cocoa  
Programming for Mac OS X" , but using Lisp as the interface language.  
The tutorial is included in the material that I submitted:
It's about 70 pages right now. It includes a preamble that describes  
my search for a user interface development methodology and why I ended  
up taking the path that I did. I'd be happy to send this directly to  
anyone who would prefer to see that before going to the trouble of  
getting an update.

At this point I have committed seven test projects and have a few more  
planned for the near future. They can all be run immediately under a  
vanilla CCL IDE without interfering with it in any way. You might want  
to glance at the tutorial to see how I set up ccl-init.lisp to make  
that fairly easy to do and for instructions on how to run the  
examples. I specifically wanted to avoid having to create stand-alone  
executables in order to use my interfaces although I didn't want to  
preclude that either.

I'd be happy to get corrections or other comments.


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