[Openmcl-devel] Mac App store: will CCL apps fly?

Pascal J. Bourguignon pjb at informatimago.com
Fri Oct 22 21:32:01 PDT 2010

james anderson <james.anderson at setf.de> writes:

> good afternoon;
> On 2010-10-22, at 15:33 , Andrew Shalit wrote:
>> Steve Jobs infamously said that the first Macintosh wouldn't be any
>> more expandable than a toaster.  The Mac II with Nubus only came
>> out after the Apple board booted him and John Sculley took over.
>> That said, developers will still need full-fledged computers.
>> Employees of Apple will need development machines and development
>> tools, and third-party developers will need those too.  So I
>> wouldn't worry too much about real computers vanishing completely
>> from Apple's lineup.
> google's development/deployment ecosystem demonstrates that this is
> not the only possible conclusion.
>> On Oct 22, 2010, at 6:03 AM, Tim Bradshaw wrote:
>>> On 21 Oct 2010, at 19:12, Ron Garret wrote:
>>>> could be wrong.  I hope I am.  But I don't see any other way these
>>>> tea leaves could be read.  Jobs has telegraphed is  intentions
>>>> pretty clearly.
>>> This sounds right to me.  It's also extremely depressing, since the
>>> reason I got a mac in the first place was that it was a Unix
>>> system (so I feel at home) yet with a good GUI and a decent range
>>> of "traditional desktop" applications which I would not have to
>>> assemble from sticky tape and glue.  I've now made a significant
>>> investment both in applications and in time (the usual dozens of
>>> shell scripts holding the thing together) on the platform and it
>>> looks like Apple are just going to close it down.  Yes, this does
>>> make me look like an idiot for trusting them.  I guess I should be
>>> grateful for 5 years of a pleasant environment.
> in five years your mac will be obsolete and there will be something
> you like better anyway. that's what i wouldn't worry about.

On the contrary this is something to worry about.  Think about it, how
many different processor founders can you buy chips from? How many
different motherboard makers?  If Intel and AMD decided to include DRM
or any other feature in all their chip, you would get it whether you
want it or not.  You could try to use older computers, but you will have
to become very good at soldering iron to maintain them.  Chemical
condensers tend to burn out after 3 or 5 years.

The free hardware movement is a good thing, that should be promoted, but
so far, they're only making crude plastic stuff.  You have to add nuts
and bolds from outside, and of course microchips are totally outside of
their range.

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