[Openmcl-devel] access Mac OS python interpreter from clozure?

Ron Garret ron at flownet.com
Wed Oct 1 16:14:34 PDT 2014

Try this:


(load “init”)
(require :pylink)
(py “print 123”)

On Oct 1, 2014, at 3:50 PM, Mark Klein <m_klein at MIT.EDU> wrote:

> Hi,
> I’d like to create input and output streams that connect with the python interpreter that comes included with Mac OS X so I can invoke python subroutines from lisp and get the results. Does anyone have any suggestions about how that can be done? I see that Clozure allows running other programs as subprocesses (http://ccl.clozure.com/ccl-documentation.html#Running-Other-Programs-as-Subprocesses) but it’s not clear to me if I can use that to interact with a program like python, as oppose to simply invoking a program like “cat” and getting the results it returns when it completes.
> Thanks for your help!
> Mark
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