[Openmcl-devel] Building FFIGEN 4 - patches and a contrib mirror/fork, builds tested on Debian 10 and FreeBSD 11.2

Sean Champ lab at thinkum.space
Mon Oct 14 23:16:01 PDT 2019


I'd like to announce that I've published a couple of changesets in a new 
contrib. fork and - in effect - a mirror for the CCL FFIGEN4 SVN src:

The changesets have been comprised principally of some updates to the 
main Makefile, some minor updates to the earlier diffs (mainly, a 
pathname change, and something for preventing the autoconf scripting 
from overriding the CFLAGS), also some additional diffs -- adjusting how 
CFLAGS are set in the build, and avoiding a duplicate-options error 
during the GCC part of the build.

The additional CFLAGS support has been developed principally for the 
purpose of adding some specific CFLAGS to the build, such that may serve 
to prevent some build failures with some contemporary GCC distributions. 
Perhaps it may also serve to support any additional development.

These changesets have been tested with GCC 8 on Debian 10 and GCC 6 on 
FreeBSD 11.2. Although -- candidly -- I've not tested the built 
software, as yet, I thought that the build configuration itself might be 
worth sharing.

In the interest of developing a complete port for CCL for pkgsrc-wip, 
I'd be interested in developing a port for this FFIGEN4 source code, 
too, also for pkgsrc wip. I would not want to be believed to claim any 
ownership to it, however.

Of course, it would be available for the termux porting too, now.


-- Sean

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